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HENiR's Connected Air Purifier

HENiR's Connected air Purifier 
cleans your home air 

HENiR's introduces new connected air purifier line up for you (Puck, Plate, Wagon and Station)

Each devices was designed to watch and purify entire house's air quality not just one area.

They monitor each room and communicate each other to make air quality better.

Control house air quality without
any boundaries

Connect all possible devices using Wi-Fi communication

How HENiR's air putifier works?


is a sensor which comes with air quality sensor, humidity sensor and WIFI.

It monitors each assigned room.

It sends messages when the area need to be cleaned or any harmful gases detected.

The Puck can be used as fire alarm as well.


is a unique air purifier.

It monitors area just like puck and purifies air when the room needs to be cleaned.

Also, it notifies you when it receives any notification from the puck or other plate.

You can take the plate to clean the room or control other plate to clean desired area.

It is designed for small room

Wagon (will be available very soon)

is a robot air purifier and vacuum cleaner.

It cleans floor as an everyday task and purifies air after receives request from plate, Puck or Station

Station (will be available very soon)

is a powerful air purifier solution for bigger area like your family room.

It monitors room just like other henir’s solution and purifies room.

It also controls other devices just like the plate and stores data to keep your house air quality effectively

Make your Home environment 

HENiR air Puck, Plate, and Station

Connected Air Purifier


You can control your air purifier with your smartphone in your hand.


All devices are connected so you can control each device from distance


You can monitor other rooms air quality from your place. 


You can monitor other area with high quality resolution camera